Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin / 進撃の巨人) Anime Impressions

A lot of you recommended that I talk about ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ (Attack on Titan) in light of its mass popularity. So, I decided to do so. I hope you find it interesting.

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Also, I’d like to note that I feel like I really didn’t explain why I liked Eren’s character as much as I liked. To put it simply, and adding on to what was said in the video, the circumstances he was/is under makes it easier to like him. In other words, it is easy for me to use his mother’s death as a crutch for his motives. I think he’s appropriately emotional and very courageous. On the other end, he’s not a flawless cheat code of a character – arguably, foolishness is one of his greatest weaknesses and even makes him look pathetic. However, that part of him comes with reason (again, using his circumstances as a crutch). Even in the current state of the show (considering the end of episode 9), there are on going problems he has to deal with. There’s more to explore with the character, so only time can tell how he will develop between now and the end of the series.

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