How to Parody Anime Music (Writing a RWBY Intro Song with Hbomberguy)

In this video I describe how I wrote intro music to parody the abysmal American anime, RWBY (the intro song is for Hbomberguy’s video: “RWBY is Disappointing And Here’s Why”). In the video, I discuss the anime songs and tropes that I decided to parody, followed by an explanation of my song writing: how I sketched out the harmony, recorded and mixed the parts and wrote the lyrics. Oh, anime lyrics are a funny thing… At the end, you can hear my lovely anime song in all its glory! The music isn’t copyrighted, so you can have it for free too!



I must protect the children!

The ‘jankalog’ t-shirt (which Hbomb is wearing it in the video)


Hbomberguy’s Video: RWBY is Disappointing And Here’s Why

RWBY Is Disappointing, And Here's Why


The amazing subtitles (especially the ‘Jank’ section) were done by Pentameron:

My Music on David Bruce’s Channel

Video 1

5 COMPOSERS 1 THEME (ft. Adam Neely, Nahre Sol, Ben Levin & Tantacrul)

Video 2

5 COMPOSERS 1 THEME – 1 ORCHESTRA! (ft. Adam Neely, Bec Plexus, Ben Levin, Tantacrul)

Music by Katree (who sang in this video)

Katree – Temporary (music video)

Jeff Williams explaining his process

About Casey William’s Impressive Range