seirei no moribito – 愛しい人へ (itoshii hito e) / タイナカ サチ – score by Sperion

愛しい人へ (itoshii hito e) / タイナカ サチ (タイナカ彩智; Tainaka Sachi)
作詞/作曲:タイナカ サチ
精霊の守り人 seirei no moribito ED

Transcribed and arranged for voice, chorus, piano, 2 violins, bass guitar and drum set by Sperion.

Score in pdf and midi can be found at

Background sketch of flower from seirei no moribito by Sperion.

This is one of my favourite songs. A few years ago I made a vocal-piano reduction score (TV size in 2008 and full size in 2012), which takes a lot from the live arrangement and omits a lot from the original arrangement (and still gets rather awkward to play because of the lack of a separate bass part). This new transcription more closely resembles the original (except the intro and coda). I kept the bass and violin parts transcribed (mostly exactly) while condensing the piano, the guitar and the rest of the strings parts into the piano part. I think this instrumentation captures a large proportion of the original sound (also having a playable piano part).