★Top 30 Anime Violin Covers by Silverick 2017

Hi, I made a special Video clip that includes my favorite Violin Covers by me in 2017!
I decide to make a video clip like this in every January to look back last year in Jan.
To see track list, please check top comment below!
I will continue making many videos in 2018 too, and I will make a video also in Jan. 2019! 🙂

And I’m so appreciate to arrangers who share me their Piano tracks, or Orchestral tracks.
We violinists need cool Backing tracks.

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Ah, there’s something else as well,
I played some of Deemo’s songs, and I really like them. However this video clip doesn’t include them.
The reason is that I put the title of this video clip “Anime Violin Covers”, and that I’m going to make video clip with “Magnolia”, “Myosotis”, and “Marigold”.