My Top 50 Anime Opening Songs of 2012 [HD]

Hey people. This will be my last video of the year about the 50 TV OPs that I love this year. This year 2012 is a great year of new Openings, well at least better than the endings. I consider my Top 12 to be on a different level as the others. As I stated before, I did not put Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Lite/ONA here. If it was here it would have been at #9. As for the other songs, some of you might be surprised of my top since it is not similar from my Spring and Winter vids, that is to be expected since hearing a full version of a song leads to a possible change of view. A few changes from Summer but no changes at all from Autumn (except for the ONA). Some of you might have noticed my change in text color, this change is only used for Yearly Rankings.

Since Initial D Fifth Stage OP was released a bit later than this video, I’ll just place its position here in the description – 30.5

I won’t put the song list here since it is too risky (some people knows what I mean). Since there won’t be a song list here, please enjoy the video and spread the news!

Anime – “Song” by Artist
Not today buddy.

I do not own any of the following things used in this video. I only used previews of the openings. They all serve for fan base and I am using and abiding them for ‘Fair Use’

I’ll be ready for your “Should be first arguments” so bring it!