Drifters 【ドリフターズ】 OP – Gospel Of The Throttle 狂奔REMIX ver. (Guitar Cover)

This got requested a few times. So I decided to push it forward. Sorry for being on hiatus for a week. I had a lot of college work going on and not much time to practice. Luckily, this song wasn’t too difficult to master. I have a couple of days off next week so I might upload something then, or if feel confident, even this weekend.

I like the style of this anime. It’s been a while since I saw an action packed anime with gore. So far, it’s pretty interesting.
Anime: DRIFTERS 【ドリフターズ】
Song: Gospel Of The Throttle 狂奔REMIX ver.
Artist: Minutes Til Midnight
Record label: NBCUniversal Entertainment (Japan)
Tuning: Standard
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