Tokyo Xanadu eX+「Opening Theme」オープニングアニメ

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ OP Theme:「Seize the Day」
Singer/Artist: SPiKA (スピカ)
Label: Nihon Falcom, Falcom Sound Team JDK


SPiKA (スピカ) is a five-girl idol group currently enjoying popularity. They are a charming orthodox group who demonstrate full-blown singing ability and cute dances, and have of course attracted attention in the music scene. Although it started with three members who come from the same training school—Rion, Haruna, and Reika—last year, it added two new members. The reborn SPiKA restarted its activities and became even more popular, with their representative song being “Shooting Star of Love,” which is the theme song to the TV animation Mahou Shoujo: Magical Alisa.

SPiKA Mini Album – Seize the Day contains the opening themes for Tokyo Xanadu and its mini-game Magical Girl Alisa along with a full version of Wish☆Wing.

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