/r/Anime Sings – CRY MAX Do-Heijitsu (Space Patrol Luluco OP)

After a year, it’s here. Space Patrol Luluco’s OP sung by you guys and gals with your groovy voices, CRY MAX Do Heijitsu!!! Between work, school, and life, Electrorocket himself has seen to it that the 2 hours a month he had to spend on the project was in fact well spent. Well, that’s up to you we guess! Please enjoy this ridiculous project.

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Organizer: [/u/Electrorocket3]

Singers: StardustNyako, fatal3rr0r84, Electrorocket3, habattack00, Tungerman, zibaq, RHINN0, jonnthebest, Invalid_Doughnut, Riozaki, and 1 anon

Song: CRY MAX Do-Heijitsu
歌: CRY MAX Do-Heijitsu

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