Anime Mirai 2014 – Harmonie ED Piano Vocal Collab Cover feat. Saki

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A beautiful ending song of Harmonie アルモニ, done completely by ear.
This is the piano solo version with vocals and is also a part of anime mirai 2014 アニメミライ.

Episode 1:
Everyone has their own world inside them and Juri Makina’s world was really surprising. But I could get lost in it and I want to. -Akio Honjou

This collaboration was made possible with my new vocalist, Saki!
She’s an amazing vocalist, so be sure to check out her works:

What she wants to share with you all ^^
Hai Hai~ Thank you so much to Vortex for asking me to collab with him! He’s such a talented pianist! When I listened to this song for the first time I honestly cried, it really gets you emotionally attached to the song and maybe thats why I liked it so much? //shrugs. Anyway, I hope I did this song justice! //flys off into oblivion

I highly recommend this, if you enjoy a good story telling anime. The highlight of the anime is the soundtrack, which the plot is woven around, accompanied by a surreal dream scene. For me personally one of my favorites amongst the anime shorts.

Lastly this is also a video to celebrate my 3000 subscriptions!
Thank you so much for sticking around,
I hope you’ll enjoy my past, current and future content!

MP3 version:
Sheet music: n/a
Original song by Ishikawa Tomohisa
Orginally sung by KOKIA メィンテーマ
Arrangement/transcription by Blackchaosvortex
Sung by Sakiseshy

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