Last Game – Steins;Gate 0 [シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ] ED (Piano Synthesia)

Pardon me, I’m going to rant for a bit~

While the original song gave me chills, and I think is a perfect song for Steins;Gate, WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS SONG SO HARD TO BE ARRANGED ?!?!

It feels like I’m playing a hard version of 2000 pcs sized jigsaw puzzle (yeah, there’s literally 2.2k notes in here). Well even though my usual work mostly consist more than 2.2k notes, but the patterns and dynamics usually can be easily fitted in. Not for this one. Literally no patterns besides the intro, the beginning of 2nd verse, and ending fits on my first attempt.. I mean not 2nd or 3rd or 4th either. I think I’ve done a total of 400+ attempts out of each measures to finish this and make it sounds right. You hear me, I’m not exaggerating.

This is simply the hardest struggle I’ve ever faced in arranging, and I don’t know why, nor the reason why I’m so committed to finish this while it seems this song won’t get that many views? (looking from the original that is)


For the story, I don’t know what will happens next, but then I heard a person said :
“White Fox was doing Re:Zero only as practice material on putting DESPAIR for Steins:Gate 0”

So yeah, I’m excited even though at first I honestly think that this won’t rival the first season xD

With that said, (and the song’s title feels right) this should mark final seasonal upload (I didn’t miss anything right?). See you next time~


Happy Listening 😀

Anime : Steins;Gate 0
Original Artist : Zwei


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