【mew】”World Line”║ Steins;Gate 0 ED 2 ║ Full ENGLISH Cover Lyrics

My full English cover of World Line, the Steins;Gate 0 ED 2!

By popular request, a full version of the ED! I LOVED the operatic vocals in the full version and was so excited to give them a shot!!!

The last few episodes have been SO good. I’m really excited to see the ending and how everything will play out, but also sad it’s coming up so soon… Q_Q

I still have a few Steins;Gate covers up my sleeve, but let me know if you have any requests! https://poll.ly/#/LKEbzJQ2

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Song: World Line
Original: Asami Imai / 今井 麻美
Anime: Steins;Gate 0 ED 2
Vocals & Lyrics: yoヽ(・v・)ノ
Translation: http://myuncompletedstory.blogspot.com/2018/07/asami-imai-world-line-english.html and https://www.reddit.com/r/steinsgate/comments/9b882x/steins_gate_0_ed2_worldline_full_ver/

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Vibration, but I don’t feel your Emotion
Hello, Amadeus, I am waiting for your call

This world is layered in secrets I can’t uncover
Cryptic enemies, the world in the world

There’s no reverse, this time keeps passing by  
Stuck in a path, we can’t survive
A striking flash world, restores my true vision

It’s close and I can feel it now
The end is near, I see it
These sights are interweaving,
Complex and so deceiving,
And all I know is that I’m standing here

Tell you my feelings, I keep them inside
And this pain is with me, it is mine to carry
Through space and time, infinity, throughout the universe  
And I will fight on, for your tomorrow
I will do it for you, all this pain I’ll push through
To conquer time, and take command of this world
Please, I need to change this fate!

Imitation, Sarastro’s beautiful fiction
Hello Salieri, I am waiting for your call
Time and existence, can they be truly consistent?
And in the end we’re Inderweltsein

It’s critical, a miracle that we’re
Together now, an error or
A fated flashback, towards a loved neuron?

These lines continue crossing
A dream they’re ever tracing
These routes, they won’t stop changing
Arranging and exchanging
How many times must I keep suffering?

Tell you my feelings I keep this inside
And no one in this world will ever find them
They’re hidden out of their view
Embedded in these déjà vus
And I will hold tight, and never let go
All the bonds that we formed, all the friendships we transformed
That’s all that I ever hoped to have in this world
And all that I could ever need!

Tell you my feelings I keep them inside
It’s a record of love, just a tragic story
A scientist who dreamed that he could unravel the meaning of our world
And all I wanted, all that I longed for was the warmth of your touch, did I wish for too much?
I cannot allow myself to wander again
I promise that I will be right here

All of these stupid stories, wandering time
I can’t believe I was so blinded, so foolish of me
And now I’ve opened my eyes, I see it
There, it’s inside world line
There, it’s inside world layer