『Steins;Gate 0 AMV』Steins;Gate 0 EP23 OST ” Gate of Steiner ” by Eri Sasaki ( Lyrics )


Man, the ED really unexpected me. I never knew it connected to the 1st season! My heart beating so far in this whole episode and what good for this anime is that they used songs from the actual game too which is so good! This version of Gate of Steiner is actually from the game, but it’s still played in the last episode, so it counts as OST for me. Anyway, I’m glad it’s a happy ending. So much confusion in the whole series, but they are all answered now. Of course some would say the game is better which is true, but the anime isn’t that bad. It still one of the best anime ever shown. The intense, the suspense, the emotional and all, they still there like the first season. It just this one is a bit late to show it. Man the episode that Okabe turned Hyouin Kyouma again, man!! Can’t forget that part! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this AMV just like I enjoyed making it.

” El Psy Congroo ” – Hyouin Kyouma

– This version of Gate of Steiner is originally from the game, just like Song Played by the Stars. But it’s still included in the anime so it counts as OST
– This is my first video that I include Japanese lyrics too. Yeah, it’s not the best ‘ first ‘ cause it doesn’t contain much Japanese words, but still, this is for future videos. This is just the start. So Japan viewers which I have a lot, I’ll try to help you guys! Thank you for watching~
– So many great scenes actually but I only included what I like. Yeah, some parts are a bit fast but I think they’re still watchable.
– In the 2nd part of the song, it looks like there are same scenes. Well, no actually. If you saw the episode, Okabe just time-leapt to the past which happened a same scene. If you look closely at the time, they’re different. So that’s why I put same scenes.
– Also the last part, I put the 1st season of Steins;Gate scenes in there. Since this one connected to the first season as prequel or happened at the same time or sequel, the 1st season leads to a better end so that’s why I shown that for a tease that Okabe Rintarou will save Makise Kurisu and changes the future.

➢Song used: ” Gate of Steiner ” by Eri Sasaki

➢Anime: Steins;Gate 0 / Steins;Gate

➢Episodes(s) Used: Steins;Gate 0 Ep19-23
Steins;Gate Ep23 & 24

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~Will continuing with my study later. But I’ll try to make videos when I get back. Fall is coming up and I would probably wait a bit longer for that season cause I want to wait for more episodes to come and not missing any good scenes for the songs. I don’t know. But don’t worry, I have one idea what I will do for my future video. And not only one idea, probably more will appeared later after I do that video. So just you wait, I promise I’ll return again!