Steins;Gate OP “Hacking to the Gate” Bass シュタインズゲート ベース

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2011年春アニメ「Steins;Gate」よりOP曲”Hacking to the Gate”のベースを演奏してみました。譜面はなさそうなので、他の方の演奏を見つつ、TV聴きながら採譜してみました。
映像と音声は別録りです。映像はiPhone4で、音声はFender PBをSansamp Bass Driver DI経由でライン録りしたものをTVの音とMIXして、Windows Movie Makerで合わせてあります。動画制作の腕がないので、微妙にずれてます。


For English readers:
Thank you for watching my video.
This is the bass part of the opening theme “Hacking to the Gate” from the Japanese scientific fiction TV animation “Steins;Gate” broadcasted in spring 2011 season.
Unfortunately, I could scarcely find scores or tabs for bass, so this bass line is made basically from my ears and watching some other guys playing this song on Youtube.
Video and audio are recorded separately. Video was recorded with iPhone4 , while the audio was recorded with Fender Precision Bass plugged into my PC through Tech21 Sansamp Bass Driver DI. Too bad I don’t have enough technique to completely match the timing of video and audio.

Hope you enjoy my performance and I would be very much appreciated if you would give me some advice or comments.